Meet: Nakeeta S. Smith

LMT & Owner


My name is Nakeeta Smith. I'm the owner of MASSAGE TREASURES. I been a license massage therapist since November 22, 2011. I always knew during my high school years; I wanted a career in the Healthcare field, but not a nurse. My mother is a nurse and I know that patient care is more hands-on career. Being apart of someone life that needs that extra hands and someone that will be there to listen like a family member. I've work in many different careers in the healthcare industry. The one thing I learn during my time as a caregiver was that healing process a person can receive by a gentle touch from a caring person is priceless. I started my training and working as a CNA in late 1994 when my daughter was about 6 months at the nursing home of Pontiac, Michigan. I have worked as CNA/PCA, Direct Care Assisted, Hospice, Mental Homes and Mental Heath Tech. I continue to follow my dream, goals and passion for Massage Therapy since 1994.

Being a single parent of 2 wonderful children. I had to hold onto my dreams, goals, and passion of massage therapy until my children (Jaz'man and Keimel) was older to understand the dedication of following your dreams, goals, and passion will pay off in the long run. One day early in the year of 2011, I decided that it was time for me to show my children that it's not too late to accomplish your dreams, goals and passion when your path change during your lifetime. My dream, my goals, and my passion to become a Massage Therapist, have my own business, and to continue to help others with the special skills by TOUCH.

The support and love from my parents, my children, my family, and my co-workers watch me take the path of a career that came into reality. Thanks to a dearest friend/ Co-worker Laura Nix help me with the name and the motto of the business. We both love the name of "Massage Treasures". My business had a name and a motto that let everyone know that you can "Release the Treasures of the MIND, BODY, and SOUL" that life gives you each day with the comfort of a touch.